Nursing Home Admissions Check List

We understand admitting a loved one into a nursing home is a difficult and stressful process. That is why we are here to help. Each facility has an admissions team who will guide you through the process. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Basic documents needed for admissions

  1. Personal Identification. Either a social security card or a driver’s license
  2. Medicare and/or Medicaid Card
  3. Supplemental Insurance (if needed)
  4. Power of Attorney or Durable Power of Attorney documents
  5. Guardianship Documents
  6. Living Will and/or DNR Documents
  7. Medical Records from Primary Physician
  8. Physician Admissions Orders


If you are applying for Medicaid our admissions team can help you through the process.

Suggested personal items for admissions

  1. Clothing for seven days
  2. Non-skid shoes, non-slip socks and/or non-slip house shoes
  3. Personal items to make the resident feel at home. e.g. picture frames, a blanket, a quilt, etc.
  4. Each room has Wi-Fi and residents have access to a community computer. We highly suggest residents don’t bring personal electronics.


Unfortunately there are a few items we cannot allow in our nursing homes due to fire codes and the safety of all our residents.

Items that are not allowed

  1. Medication: prescription and over the counter *The medicine will be given to each resident as noted in their chart
  2. Any preparation or substance bearing a warning statement
  3. Portable heaters
  4. Electric blankets
  5. Cooking and ironing equipment
  6. Coffee and cup heating elements
  7. Throw rugs
  8. Sharp objects (razor blades, straight razors, knives, push pins)
  9. Chemical products (flammable liquids, laundry and house cleaning products, aerosol cans)
  10. Extension cords or power strips
  11. Smoking/tobacco products, matches, lighters, or other smoking paraphernalia, or illegal substances *There are designated smoking areas and times, please speak to your facility to find out more details


Please note that this list is not all inclusive. The facility reserves the right, after assessing the resident, to deem other items not included in this list as unsafe to be kept in the resident room.